Step 1: Run the numbers

Contact a solar concierge who can help you use satellite information about your rooftop together with your current monthly bills to lay out a cost-benefit analysis.

Step 2: Make your home energy efficient

Make sure the energy you make from solar isn't wasted. Our concierge will review all the ways to ensure the energy you generate isn't lost.

Step 3: Select a contractor

Once you commit to solar, it's important to choose the right contractor. Our solar concierge will help provide guidance and tips to help you choose.

Rooftops that power savings

With Habitat rooftop solar products you'll save both money and the environment all while controlling utility costs and moving towards energy independence through a reliable, unlimited source of power.

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Take control of your energy

In addition to the more popular panels and roofs, Habitat offers other ways to harness solar energy. Learn about those below:

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